Canine Physiotherapy

Dogs can demonstrate a variety of signs that they may have an underlying issue and these are commonly misinterpreted as bad behaviour or aggression.

Physiotherapy is beneficial to all dogs including high level competition dogs, working farm dogs and companion and family pets. Dogs can pick up a number of ailments from simply playing in the park or jumping out of a car, therefore it is important to maintain their overall condition. In addition dogs can develop chronic issues or be born with genetic conditions which through working alongside a veterinary surgeon, a veterinary physiotherapist can help to reduce the symptoms of and maintain a good quality of life.

Physiotherapy for dogs can vary depending on the dog and any issues it may have, however a treatment session can include massage, stretches, exercises and electrotherapies. Bryonie tailors each of these to address individual issues found in each dog.

Signs that your dog may have a problem are - 

  • Aggression or out of character behaviours

  • Reluctance to follow commands

  • Difficulty jumping out of the car or on or off furniture

  • Reluctance to play or exercise

  • Toe scuffing or tripping

  • Sensitivity to being stroked or patted

What to expect during a physiotherapy session - 

  • A full history to be taken of your dog including discussion of any diagnosis

  • A static assessment of muscle tone, general condition, joint mobility and range of motion

  • A dynamic assessment to see how the dog moves

  • Formulating a treatment plan which will be discussed with the owner

  • Carrying out suitable treatments

  • Discussion of post treatment care, any exercises that may be prescribed, and any follow up treatments that are required

BCL Veterinary Physiotherapy is available for private appointments at a location that suits you and can cater to any specific requirements you may need. Bryonie is flexible and adaptable to work around your availability so please get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Prior to your appointment please ensure your dog is clean and dry and that a suitable treatment area is available indoors and away from other pets. Please also make sure you have your veterinary referral form with you, or that BCL Veterinary Physiotherapy has received it prior to your initial assessment. For more information on this please go to the contact page.